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Leo'z Arts
Leo’z Arts combines a wide array of artistic media and methods to give you a stunning, professional image that suits your style.  From professional portraits with classic style and elegance to lovable caricatures with exuberant character, Leo’z Arts works with any mood or motif to deliver the perfect piece.  
Leo’z Arts brings personality to paper, whether it’s personal portraits of you, your family or your pets, or professional images for your business.  Leo’z Arts conducts fine art pieces such as professional portraits, photography and original paintings, as well as entertainment items like caricatures and silhouettes, and commercial pieces including logos, signs and murals. Each piece tells its own story and adds your personal touch in dramatic charcoal, soft watercolors, vibrant oils or delicate pastels.  
Explore the categories and browse the galleries to see a collection of previous works.  Order a unique item for yourself of a thoughtful gift for friends and family with a special portrait, personalized engraving, or fine art piece.  Contact Leo’z Arts to order your favorite piece or request a commission. 


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Black and White original caricature.


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Accent genuine leather bracelets.




Familiar places 4x6 photograph print.



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